Replace Your Return Filters and Save Money:

The last 3 inspections I did all had one thing in common: their return filters were long past their useful life. A dirty filter makes your HVAC system work harder than it needs to, over time this will shorten its lifespan. Filters are cheap, new systems are not! When purchasing a new filter for replacement, I always buy the inexpensive, 30 day filters. These allow the system to work efficiently and are what most systems are designed to use. The 90 day filters seem appealing when you think you won’t need to replace as often, but they are more expensive, they are thicker, and they make your system work harder, so you’re spending more money all around. I always recommended to my homeowners to check their filters once a month, but replace as needed. If your filter isn’t dirty, don’t replace it yet. Return filters closer to the ground will need to be replaced more often than ones in a ceiling. Each home is different, so it may take a few months to figure out what your filter maintenance needs will be. When you go to buy them, make sure to know what size you need ahead of time, this is printed on the current filter you have installed. Or you can order online from certain suppliers and set up email notifications to remind you when to change them. Last tip, always install with the air flow arrows pointing into the return, not out towards you. Keep following me for more ways to view your home with a fresh perspective!