Cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets:

Every year when I put my Christmas decorations away, I see all the things in my home that haven't been cleaned in way too long, and then I spend most of my January free-time on those projects. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are one of the most over-looked items for a good clean, at least in my house! Over the years I have found that dark cabinets show the most dirt, white cabinets hide grease until they start to yellow a bit, and more natural wood tone cabinets slowly darken over the years with build-up. There are a lot of cleaning products out there for wood, but most leave a residue or build-up themselves. The best thing to clean your cabinets with, whether painted or wood, is warm water, a rag, and a little bit of Dawn dish soap. I always told my homeowners "if it is safe for baby birds, it is safe for your cabinets!" Happy cleaning and thanks for following along for more ways to view your home with a fresh perspective!