Clean your Dishwasher Filter

Do you have a dishwasher filter? A lot of “newer” dishwashers do. I am not the best at rinsing dishes, because well, I think that is the dishwasher’s job! And we run our dishwasher every night! The fine mesh filter is meant to catch a lot of the smaller food particles to keep them from building up and clogging your drain. It can also be a source of an odor in the dishwasher that you can’t seem to get rid of. Cleaning this filter is very simple, no replacement parts needed. Picture 1 is what the top of the filter looks like. Simply twist to unscrew it and lift out as in picture 2. Rinse under a stream of water as in picture 3 and put back in place. Mine has arrows that realign when it is securely where it needs to be. Do this very few months to keep your dishwasher draining well and smelling fresh. Let me know what kind of dishwasher you have and if you had a filter you didn’t know about. Keep following me for more ways to view your home with a fresh perspective!