Pre-Drywall Inspection

Body - Most builders use engineered, manufactured roof trusses in the construction of the home. It is extremely common for some of the trusses to sustain damage during the delivery or installation of them. Truss repairs are easily made during the pre-drywall phase of construction when the truss system is completely accessible. It is also much easier to find damaged trusses during this phase, especially since a lot of the damages are hidden by blown insulation later and will not be visible. All truss repairs should be completed in accordance with either a structural engineer’s letter of repair or a stamped repair letter from the truss manufacturer, and you should receive a copy of this repair for your records. If a truss repair is completed in your home, I always recommend stapling a copy of the repair letter in the attic for a future home inspector to find, because any altered or repaired trusses found in your attic will make it on the report and having the document to prove it is completed correctly will help you save time and money. Pre-drywall inspections are so important to help identify these truss issues early, have them repaired by the builder, and ensure you have the documentation needed to protect your investment in the future.