New Construction Inspections

Do you know what is missing from this picture? When building a new home, most people are focused solely on the cosmetic items at their final walk thru with the builder. You are so excited to close and move in and start unpacking that you can lose sight of some of the really important items. Then the delivery company comes to install your new washer and dryer and they can’t finish the installation. Will your builder come back to remedy the issue? Of course, but how many loads of wet laundry will be waiting until they can schedule? Don’t forego an independent, third party home inspection. Have problems fixed BEFORE you move in; don’t hope that you’ll find them later and then have to deal with subcontractors coming into your home to make repairs. Luckily on this home, I also did the pre-drywall inspection, so I know the vent is merely behind the drywall and not missing altogether!